Combining a kiosk module, which is delivering printed barcode tickets, with a module which is controlling an entrance gateway based on the barcode tickets released by the kiosk, EsAccess is a complete solution for controlling the entrance in certain locations such us public toilets in supermarkets, exhibitions, theaters and cinemas, parking places, or in any other location where the paid or unpaid access is required.

Actually, the application is installed and is working successfully, collecting a huge amount of money every day, at Euralille shopping center, Lille, France. Providing a very user friendly, simple and faster interface, esAccess is capable to successfully manage and to speed up the very huge flow of people which intend to use the toilets in the Euralille shopping center.

EsAccess main functions:

  • Secured payment with credit card
  • Payment with coins and banknotes and change release
  • RFID reading and identification of shopping center employees
  • Delivering of customizable printed-on-place tickets
  • Delivering of payment receipts
  • User friendly and faster interface
  • Controlling of entrance gateways
  • Multi-language customizable interface
  • User admin interface
  • Selling statistics




Many consumers are concerned with the time spent shopping, which they often consider a chore. They like the breadth of offerings in supermarkets but they hate to push their shopping carts around. Drive'in kiosks and the internet came to their rescue.

EsDrive is a innovative drive'in solution - the customers of a supermarket can order the products from the supermarket online catalog, from their computers, at home or at office, and late, when they have time, they can come in the supermarket parking where they have the possibility to buy and raise their products already prepared by the supermarket staff.

EsDrive main functions:

  • Secured payment with credit card
  • Payment with coins and banknotes and change release
  • Barcode reader for recognizing the customers and their invoices
  • Payment receipts
  • User friendly interface
  • Multilingual configurable interface
  • Configurable screen saver to play adds or info
  • User admin interface
  • Selling reports and statistics




EsQuiz is a complete quiz application offering a very powerful configuration tool, which allow the admin to configure the number and the form of the questions, the number and the form of the answers or the user interface background.

If you want to:

  • Communicate, inform or make sensitive your targets on a playful mode
  • Organize communication events
  • Offer an alternative support of communication to the traditional supports
  • Estimate the fame of your entity or your activity
  • Sound the raising awareness of your targets to questions or particular subjects

...EsQuiz is the best solution for you

Requiring no programming, EsQuiz editor is a powerful software solution, easy to use, which allows you to create quiz in the direction of your targets without expensive outside intervention, security of ability to react and flexibility according to emergencies (urgent matters) and deadlines of your operations.

Once your questions and their answers are established and your elements (pictures) which will enhance your presentation, you realize in a few clicks, thanks to an intuitive interface, attractive and playful quiz which will insure you an optimal audience.

Whatever your domain of activity, with
EsQuiz editor, you have a real support of communication and an alternative marketing way which allows you quite at the same time to communicate and\or to sound your targets in an easy way.

Every session is recorded during the operation in purposes of statistical analyses (number of participants/score, etc.). Built-in 2 modules, the solution allows you to create on an administrator terminal and broadcast quiz on target terminals.



Eureka Software is an innovative software development team established in 2005 and focused mainly in providing complex and complete software solutions for interactive kiosks. With more that 10 years of experience in designing innovative software applications, our team is ready at any moment to fulfill entirely our customers needs.


Our Project Management skills:

  • Good knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle
  • Big experience in meetings / call conferences with customers
  • Requirements management
  • Identifying the scope of the project
  • Estimating the work involved
  • Creating the project schedule
  • Creating work procedures / sequences and development schedules
  • Creating project charter, outlines, initiation, schedules
  • Management of project execution
  • Organizing team daily work
  • Creating project closing reports
  • Creating project documentation and installation procedures


Our Programming Languages skills:

  • VB.NET, C#
  • VB6, C++
  • PHP, Symfony
  • HTML, Javascript, JQuery
  • XML, XSLT, XPath
  • MySQL, SQL Server


Our Software Development skills:

  • Software integration with specific devices such us: payment (card reader, coin/note acceptor) devices, barcode readers, thermal printers, RFID readers, ticket dispensers
  • Database architecture design and administration
  • Web services
  • Integration of e-commerce websites with local payment terminals
  • Designing and creating complex statistics based on customer requests
  • Development of complex client-server solution to offer to our clients to have control on their remote terminals
  • Complete support in the solution implementation
  • Friendly user interfaces and comprehensive administration tools
  • Custom application development, quality assurance, testing, maintenance